Healthy life begins with healthy thinking, together in all beloved I will say you do best by filling your thoughts, memories and meditation on things that are true, noble authentic, positive and gracious,good wishes and good desires not with ugly thoughts. There’s no guarantee for continuity on good atmosphere yet filled your thoughts with positivity.

A Sound thinking is motivation mother to a healthy life (quotes by matt-fortune)

99% contents activities of our lives are governed by our thinking, “luke 6:45 (ap) a good man out of the good treasure of his heart, mind and thoughts brings forth good,( the heart of every man is refinery) whatever you give in is what it brings out.

Spiritual food and healing exercise

Every one needs spiritual food and senses to live a healthy life, having appetite and practice spiritual activities guides us to a healthy life, takes meditation and fasting as an instance :as well as God’s word this are spiritual activities tested and proved have you tried it and see if it works. The effects of what happened physically comes from the spirit world (in which human share tiny power, except being enabled by supreme God)(our sovereignty as humans over distructives secumstancces of life is divine feeding!!! quotes:by matt fortune)

The most essential food that guide healthy life (matt:4:4)

As human we need more than bread and meat to sustained a healthy living.

Fasting and meditation helps you to maintain a healthy life, denying yourself access to food some times helps you to discipline yourself, it helps to adapt into a new higher expirence of life. It opens you up into a different spiritual opportunities if fellow and done by divine intelligence there is a biblical ways of fasting & meditation to God, you don’t just fast because you feel like or because is mandatory, the equation of biblical fasting is unbalanced without the Holy presence of God give us lending instructions of (when, where and how) which must be followed correctly.


There’s are instructions God gives us when we are fasting!(matt 6:16)there’s are ways we are to fast and pray to God which will bring the holy presence of God to us, is a spiritual principle which needs to be observed properly. Why our fast became fruitless is because we have adopted a flexible way of fasting to God, fasting is a spiritual and physical excesses from we human to God.May the Lord’s presence guides and and gives us directions in this end time race amen.

Inspiration by the help of the Holy spirit (author by matt fortune)

By spiritualheali

Spiritual and meditation healing inspire by the power of the spirit of God, which he gives through the knowledge of divine intelligence spirit to help and guide us through our journey of life and difficulties, fellow us and allow the Holy spirit of God and his divine devices to work through your system, your body was created by God and he knows how to get it fixed..

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