In a night vision as in revelation I saw the dying world, and it destruction! I was hypnotized by the reason of what I saw, I am still wet behind my ear, I wish I have a better narrative to put this events into a more productive writing but Nevertheless wisdom and spirit are all what is needed, for a canal man can not understand the things of the spirit.

The revelation that came to me in a night vision which I saw concerning the world of things which must happen shortly.(now the narratives)

I was in a night vision (in a church to be precise) something like a shadow or spirit taped me on my shoulder and as my to fellow him, when we got aside he asked me to look at the sky! Which I did, at first I saw nothing, he said look again and I saw a triangular stick with 3 colours (yellow, horse blood and red colour ) and he asked did you know what this means? I said no, he said this stick represents the world from its creation, and he asked again did you know what this colour stand for? I said no! He said the 3 colours stand for the world dispensations, the world from the beginning to the end is made up of 3 dispensations, he explained to me the meaning of the first colour which is the yellow dispensations, and he explained again the second dispensations and the the third dispensations point which the world stands right now, and the horrible events which fellowed. At his conclusion he said nobody should believe or think this world can ever be repaired or be made whole again not until christ coming, if 2021 is bad expect worse in 2022.This revelations has been coming over the past 7 years and I was warned by angels and by Jesus Christ before I started making videos of some of this revelation. God is my witness that this things I wrote here are true is coming to happen, the expected is going to happened sooner than expected, be alert and be prayerful.

This is written to be read and heard in the present age (Rev 1:3;21:7)it provides an essential component for the church’s understanding of life in this world between the two comings of Christ

If you want to know more details of everything in this revelation and all other revelations that God show to me by his special grace and help of his Spirit fellow and send message either in the comment or Web contacts

By spiritualheali

Spiritual and meditation healing inspire by the power of the spirit of God, which he gives through the knowledge of divine intelligence spirit to help and guide us through our journey of life and difficulties, fellow us and allow the Holy spirit of God and his divine devices to work through your system, your body was created by God and he knows how to get it fixed..

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