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President of Chinmark group, Marksman Chinedu Ijiomah, caused an uproar at one of his company’s outlets when he paid them a visit in style. In a Facebook video shared on his verified page, the billionaire started by roaring inspiring words that had to do with the goal and drive of the company.

While the elated staff responded with energetic gesticulations, he brought out hard currencies from a pocket in his suit and handed them to each of the workers.

The stunned workers fell to the floor upon receiving the notes, an observable demonstration of their awe at his gesture.

Usman Okutepa said: “Mr. Marksman, you are a great man not only that but also a motivator and a driver. God bless you sir.”

Custom Keto Diet

Dynamyke Praise commented: “Boy na truth you talk oooooo! Such motivated employees CAN NEVER, NEVER, NEVER FAIL, EVEN THE WHOLE DEMONS FROM HELL CAN’T STOP SUCH A ONE….I LOVE THIS AND I WILL TRY IT OUT ONE OF THIS DAYS…….itz really workin!” Jerry Wealth Ochomma remarked: “Performance appraisal a very good managerial tools… #You are doing well Marksman…” Chidinma Ikoro wrote: “Awesome money brings happiness see how they were smiling when they saw hard currency. God bless you sir.” Adaobi Samuelson stated: “Motivation is always required in a company and this is just it. “Chinmark to the world.”

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