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Ifu Ennada,
Since leaving the BB house, you have become a household name,

The journey has been filled with ups and downs regardless of how easy it looks to outsiders. I would be a liar if I say it has been a bed of roses. Just yesterday, I launched my line of innovative pre-stretched hair attachments which I call beautIFU Hair and lots of congratulatory messages and support came in. Looking at it all, I must say that when it gets hard, these kind words and support from people keep me going. In all, I’m grateful to God for everything. For every time it looked like I failed, I learned a lesson. God has been my hope and advantage in everything I do.

This whole success thing is built on faith and consistency!

consistency has been a huge contributing factor to my staying power. The fact is that I’m always doing something productive, whether it’s with my business or my dealings in the entertainment industry. I am never idle and that’s one thing my followers and fans will freely tell anyone who cares to listen. I’ve had a lot of viral moments with my business because of the kind of solutions I give with my unique innovations. Everything I do, especially with my business, adds real value to countless lives and because of these, I am always remembered.

The challenges that goes with success, my own experience!!

There is always going to be struggles especially with the recent pandemic. My business was affected and I lost a lot due to the sudden changes in the economy, especially because I have business dealings abroad. I became depressed, but in all these, I was able to discover a new source of income. I was inspired to create digital products, particularly for my beautIFU Skin Acne Solutions. I created a class and an eBook where I teach people how to understand and defeat acne for good. Acne has made many people waste money on products that don’t work because they fail to understand that skincare is not a one-size-fits-all and due to its nature and causes, something that worked for A might not work for B. Acne is something I faced and defeated myself after everything and all the experts failed me. I acquired knowledge myself and got rid of it. Acne has sent many into depression. This is still active via the beautIFU Skin platform and people can get access to my resources on In all, I’d say that struggles and downtimes in business could inspire us to either create or discover very profitable solutions or new streams of income. It all depends on how your mind works and how you choose to see things.

Dealing with the trouble attached to success

First, it was by analysing and understanding my situation. I also took inventory of the tools available to me to see how they could be used to help other people to solve their problems. If you study my businesses, you’d see that each of them addresses a problem and gives a solution that works. Truth is, people are always happy to pay for something that adds value and helps them solve a problem.

What my plans are for the young ones and for those that look upto me!!

One thing I do, especially with social media, is to share my story with people. Oftentimes, people think that life is a bed or roses because some celebrities only show the good side of it, but I try to share my struggles- as much as I can afford to because I know in doing so I inspire and motivate people and help them understand that regardless of the struggles, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. I want people, especially young girls to think of me and say because I did not give up, they won’t give up either. My ultimate goal is to inspire and raise as many people as I can through my work and story. I feel like my purpose here on earth is to give hope and touch lives. This is why I don’t hold back from sharing the good and the bad. I also do some charitable works and give financial support when I can afford to, but I prefer teaching people how to fish and letting then know that success is very attainable regardless of one’s poor background. I want young girls to know that they can be successful without having to sleep with men for money or compromise their values. I want my life to be an example of this.

My final words for the young vibrant Nigerian youths, both male and female!

but if there’s one thing I must say is to always believe in oneself, to understand that it’s okay to fail because failure only makes us better, and to know that nothing is impossible with God. This is the meaning of Ifu Ennada. If I can make it, you can.

By spiritualheali

Spiritual and meditation healing inspire by the power of the spirit of God, which he gives through the knowledge of divine intelligence spirit to help and guide us through our journey of life and difficulties, fellow us and allow the Holy spirit of God and his divine devices to work through your system, your body was created by God and he knows how to get it fixed..

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