The Kenyan lady said she is desperately in search of a husband because she has missed out on marriage and childbearing

According to the lady, she is so jealous of women whose husbands are faithful and take good care of them.

In her words:

“I missed out on marriage and on children and now I’m at a point in my life like I’m so bitter, I’m so jealous of people who are married and so happy because their husbands don’t cheat on them. Men are just the best. Right now is when I’m realising that I can’t do without them.”

The young lady said she doesn’t care if the man is rich or poor, tall or short, adding that all she wants is a man who is breathing.

She said:

I do you are rich or poor, tall, dark handsome, ugly, I don’t care, as long as you are a man and breathing. That’s the only qualification I need because I’m just so desperate for a husband. I’ve got a lot of depression around me.”

The young lady promised to be obedient to her husband, adding that she would bear his children and wash his clothes.


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