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on 3 August 2021

By mik fortune


Congratulations are in order for a 50-year-old mother of three boys whose partner finally paid her full her bride price.

The mother of three in a video that has become a growing sensation announced that she was getting married anew to the love of her life at the age of 50 after having three boys.

According to the excited woman, she’s the newest bride as her man was going to pay in full her bride price after years of being together.

I am so happy, I am the newest bride. It’s my wedding day, he’s going to do the full thing on my head. I am the newest bride at 50, mother of three.. come and rejoice with me’ she said

However, the video was greeted with a storm of reactions by Nigerians who took to social media platforms to congratulate her.

Here are some of the reactions Naija News captured below…

@debra.ikiebey wrote; Congratulations to you ma. Wow is not over until God say is over. The excitement on your face says it all. Congratulations

@prudyice_wrote; This is exciting to watch !! But I can’t do this . Won’t be your baby mama , sorry 😊 😂

@sleeky__ella wrote; Bini people and their way

@ewaadewurawrote; At 50 if he still no gree pay Wetin remain na😂

Nigerians React As 50-Year-Old Mother Of 3 Shows Excitement After Her Man Pays Her Bride Price In Full

@joythompson501 wrote; What was the man waiting for all this years, except it had to do with family issues or money issues, its unfair to allow her have 3 kids and get to 50 without paying her bride price..I heard of one that the woman gave birth to 4 kids for him without knowing his village. One day she started disturbing the man to come and pay her bride price and the man asked her to go to her village to inform her people that he’s coming to pay so when she travelled the man packed out of the house with the children, she came back to meet an empty house, as she was crying people gathered and they asked her to go to his village to trace him but she said she doesnt know his place, so sad

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