Tonto warns against a supportive devil

It all started when the mother of one took to her page to advise her fans. The actress told them to beware of a jealous demon who may appear as a supportive angel.

Bobrisky takes offence

Following Tonto’s post, the crossdresser took to his page to accuse the actress of shading her.

According to him, Tonto is shading him despite the fact that she is owing him N5m.

Noting that he isn’t jealous of her, Bobrisky told Tonto to pay her debt. The male barbie then warned Tonto not to mess with him, else he will make her pay the other bills he overlooked.

Read the post below:

Nigerians stated that Bobrisky shouldn’t be trusted, noting why he would be fighting Tonto at the time she found happiness


“Bobrisky isn’t a true friend.”


“I don’t think this Bob is a good friend.”


“God forbid people like bobrisky if truly shim is referring to tonto, God forbid shim.”


“Why didn’t bob say all this before tonto’s new love was shared online? Clout chaser!!”


“Bobrisky is that friend you should never tell your secret to cos when you fight, your yansh go open.”


“Bobrisky is a friend you should never have, never!!…he/she is just someone you should keep at arms length.”

Bobrisky reveals his fear earlier reported that the crossdresser revealed the reason he was yet to find a personal assistant. Bobrisky noted that the fear of being exposed has made it difficult for him to find a suitable PA. He noted that he’s been able to maintain his celebrity life because he’s been discreet. According to him, nobody has heard any funny thing about him because he’s been the one running his life and business. He lamented his inability to trust anyone, noting that he doesn’t want any snitch in his life.

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