An Oyinbo businessman has caused a huge stir on social media with the kind of resume a job seeker had written to his company Canada-based Edward Denyer who owns Eco-Coffee Corporation described the short resume as the best he had seen Edward while sharing a photo of the resume admired the fact that the job seeker was intentional about his desire to work with his company

An Oyinbo man has taken to social media to show off the best job resume he had ever received in his life. Edward Denyer shared on his LinkedIn page a copy of the resume that seemed to be very short, not even half the page of the paperwork.

The Canada-based businessman who runs Eco-Coffee Corporation hailed the approach of the writer of deciding not to beat about the bush and instead be intentional.

It was observed that the one-page resume was not more than 11 paragraphs with some sentences having a few words.

Edward said it was for that reason he hired the person.

He wrote:

“Best resume I ever got, no messing around and to the point! Hired.”

users share their thoughts on his decision :

“Well I’ve seen this approach work only in the movies! Hindi movies to be precise. If you say you’ve hired this candidate, I’ll take it on it’s face value!”

Evgeniya Beba-Akulova wrote:

“Unfortunately in the real world this resume doesn’t have a chance. I see thousands of CVs of experienced people who write almost the same about their skills: nice people ready to help. Companies are not looking for nice people, they look for someone who would solve their problems with right skills and attitude. “Being a nice person is not a career. Moreover, I have never seen anyone who would say s/he is not a nice person and is never happy to help, especially during an interviewing process. But a nice story, definitely.”

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