This -inspired thin-strapped gown carries the day. The bride looks like a real-life barbie in the long flowing gown. Even without extra accessories, she still manages to carry the day in the figure-hugging gown. Read more:

Let’s talk about asoe ebi

African fashion is authentic and unique.asoe ebi dress varies in design and quality depending the choice of what is available(money) and The materials (design) This white asoe ebi makes a perfe outfit for a bride who wants to combine both modern and traditional aspects of the wear for her wedding. She not only looks fabulous in the dress, but her beaded accessories make her stand out even more.

Igbo traditional attires

Igbo brides have a way of bringing the best, especially when it is their day. This Igbo bride is an example of an adorable pride in her native Igbo traditional attires. The red outfit and accompanying accessories make her stand out on her big day. Indeed, she is the star of the day and no one can doubt it.

Yoruba traditional wedding attires

Traditional outfits for brides still remain some o the most exotic wears in African culture. This red Yoruba gown is an example of what to expect in this community. The off-shoulder gown flatters her complexion. It is then accessorized with lots of colourful beads and gold chains, making her shine more as stars of the moon.

White with yellow touched

Choosing a white gown is great, but adding a coloured detail makes it pop. African brides who love colour will feel more at ease taking this direction. When colours are well paired, the result is always outstanding.

Ghana’s finest tradition attires

Ghana is known for its fancy and bright colours at weddings. Both the bride and groom come well represented, like in the picture above. The choice of Kente in most traditional weddings is by design. Apart from the fact that the fabric colours and designs have a significance traditionally, they also pop and add colour to the event.

Swahili traditional wedding attires

This is a familiar look for most African coastal communities. The Arabic culture combined with the African culture resulted in a unique blend of cultures that manifest in social events like weddings. The Swahili bride will always stand out just like the one above. Everything from the fabric, how it is worn, to the accessories and decorations make her unique.

Some of the best African wedding dresses are colourful, simply designed, and come in bold prints and fabric choices. The goal is to have a bride that stands out enough to attract the attention of all her guests. The choice of wedding gown has a lot to do with this being achieved. In other news, published an article on the best hairstyles for young girls. Any woman with a baby girl can get the necessary inspiration from these unique styles. The styles include protective hairdos, weaves, and different braid styles.

See some of the Africans exotic traditional wedding attires

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