The father of a 16-year-old teenager has built a body robot (exoskeleton) to help his son who is wheelchair-bound walk.

Whenever the teenager, Oscar Constanza, wants to stand up, he will command the robot and it will slowly strap around his body, New York Post reports.

The robot has helped him

The young man suffers from a brain-related condition that disallows his nerves from sending signals to his legs, a condition that has rendered him immobile.

Speaking with Reuters, the teenager revealed that before the exoskeleton, he needed the help of someone to be able to walk around.

Father, help me

One day, he approached his father and asked him to make him a robot that can allow him to walk since he is a robotic engineer. While speaking about his breakthrough with helping his son, he said:

Ten years from now, there will be no, or far fewer, wheelchairs.”

It will help many

It should be noted that many companies around the world have started manufacturing exoskeletons and are working on making them easier to use.

Constanza said that a piece goes for $176,000 (N72,570,080). Another thing worthy of note is that the piece cannot yet be purchased by individuals because of its weight.

Engineers at Wandercraft, a company that builds the robot, are improving operations to make the exoskeletons easier for personal everyday use.

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