Nigerian pastor, Evangelist Agochukwu revealed why he block the channel show of reality TV show :Big brother

pastor of Shekinah Arena International Gospel Ministries posted a video on his Instagram page, narrating why he block the popular reality TV show (BBNaija) promotion of immorality.

Here is what he said

‘I prefer watching cartoon’, than to watch the BBNaija.

Pastor Gospel Agochukwu said :who ever that called him self child of God shouldn’t be watching BBNaija, the lesson its teaches is sexual immorality, which distroyed spiritual life and relationship with God.

Live TV, is this what some parents left their children to be watching while they go inside and sleep. He quoted

This show you all are watching, did you think it has no relative negative effect? Show like this distroy ones prayer life and relationship with God.

Which Big Brother is more than Jesus?” Im asking!!!

He went further and said :I have no concern with people daily life activities and businesses, but am against any immoral activities in the society all in the name of quest for money, if this act of immorality in the movies sector, and social forums are not handled properly, the next five years will reproduce more.

Source :mik fortune

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