In the heart-touching video, the stunned policeman threw away his cap away and prostrated in appreciation.

A police officer has joined the league of car owners as his hard work and dedication finally paid off

The police orderly was gifted a new car by his Nigerian boss after he had worked with the man for a year

The overjoyed officer couldn’t contain his joy as he threw his cap away and prostrated in appreciation

A Nigerian man has honoured a police orderly who has been working with him in style.

It turns out that the police officer had served the man well for a year and the man sought to reward his dedication and hard work.

How the surprise happened

The man then goes on to present the car to the officer. Overwhelmed with emotions, the officer ditches his cap and follows it up with a prostration at the feet of the unidentified Nigerian boss.

Still yet to come to terms with the gift, the policeman repeatedly opened and closed his eyes and placed his hands over his mouth.

The Nigerian boss ignored his display as he showed the interior of the whip.


What could he have done to deserve this. 1. He might have proved to the boss his love for him as his boss. 2. He might be sincere in all doings. 3. He might be taking risks for his boss. 4. He might also be taking risk for himself to satisfy the boss and many more.”

“May God Almighty continue to bless you sir for your kindness.”

“Na Police wey him head correct we go buy motor for.”

I’m happy: he said

Thank you sir : he said

He most be really nice: Nigeria’s said

The rest of the police officers should lean from him: Nigeria’s said

Emotional moment the officer was summoned.

Nor be all police officers bad: Nigeria’s said

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