“It is Jackie B I want, I don’t want to compete with you so just step back for me,” Jaypaul told Boma.

Meanwhile, Boma who saved Jaypaul from being up for possible eviction on Monday with his veto power as the Head of House, revealed he saved Jaypaul to prove that he has his back as his friend.

Jaypaul in a conversation with Boma opened up about his feelings for the mother of one, and pleaded with Boma to stay away from her because he doesn’t want to compete with him.

Saving Jay Paul was an opportunity to show him I have his back, in this game you have to build a relationship and I used that as an opportunity. I’m cool with Yousef and have nothing malicious against him and I think he’s strong enough to get back.” He said.

According to Jaypaul, he’s interested in Jackie and would want Boma to step back from her considering their closeness.

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