On Friday, August 6, the man revealed that six months before he and his wife, Favour, married, she had issues with pains in her abdomen.

After going to the hospital and was examined, doctors revealed that the woman does not ovulate and will never be able to get pregnant.

Marvel revealed that the news really hit his wife hard and made her depressed. Despite the fact that she was advised not to inform her husband-to-be, Favor took the result to her fiancé with tears in her eyes.

She told him:

“Baby, I’m sorry, the doctor said I can’t ever give you a child.”

The man said he was devastated too and old ran through his nerves. Marvin said he continued with the marriage plans was one of the biggest decisions he had ever taken in his life.

Miraculously, three months into here marriage, she was confirmed pregnant. The man said:

“Fast forward to 3 months into our marriage. One day her mom was to visit us, and she went to the park to pick her up. When she got back, she handed me an envelope, and told me to open it.

I innocently opened it and I wouldn’t believe what I would see next. It was a pregnancy test result! My wife was pregnant!!! Omo, I wan mad! Like, I screamed!!!”

The man sharing photos of their child online said whenever he sees the child, everything always feels like a dream.

Some of the reactions to the post below:

Precious Thethickgirl said:

“Awwn I love this aswear.”

Mhiz Cyndy said:

“Wow. Congratulations. Truly dis little cutie looks so adorable.”

Chinenye Ezemedolu said:

“Who is he that speaketh when God has not spoken. Thank you for being there for your wife.”

Chinwe Obi said:

“May the Love that brought you both together continue to grow stronger. And may Christabel keep growing in.”

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