The woman, identified as @Aqualady6666 on Twitter, recounted how she travelled interstate to visit her ex-boyfriend on her personal expense and also gave him money to sponsor his business.

She decried the constant slander of Nigerian women on social media, noting that women pay bills and spend on men they truly love and care about.

In her words:

“I remember travelling from Lagos to Anambra to visit my then Boyfriend now (Ex),bought provisions for him on my way to his place and also paid N18k for my tfare to and fro with my money!

Sex was too good too I had to give him Extra N45k so he could invest in his business lool.

I just laugh whenever I see ” Nigerian girls can’t pay their bills” bs.”

Most of us actually pay for our bills and that if our partners but we won’t brag about it. Y’all always looking for any little opportunity to slander Nigerian babes lool it’s okay sha

Y’all saying I’m bragging about this now? Smh… So I should keep mute while twiter Ng drag the whole women claiming we can’t even foot our bills?

ell this happened since 2019 and I’ve done alot more.

Quote me anywhere : A woman that loves you would always spend on you!”

See her tweet below:

By Sydney

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