How often did you exercise to start with

Exercise is good way to begin if you always site down for most of time on daily basis there is going to be a problem: as long as your body is stationery most of the time there is already a danger around the heart, you need to be active all your days hours and in the night you can take a deep night rest for the next day activities.

I have a sitting job! what should I do?

If you have a sitting job always take a short walk every hours on daily basis if possible everyday:To circulate and have a flexible flow of blood into different blood channels vessels and boost the immune system, even at close renge walk around and return to work, do a little push up or sit up or rather play some musics and dance to the tone.

Do young people need this?

Yes to everyone and mostly the young able one’s, don’t wait to get older before you know your body needs to be kept warm and running at all times. exercises, eating healthy foods, controlling body weight and measuring your sugar levels. This idea will do your heart a favour.

Simple drinks :not too much

For most people as well as everybody love drinks but excessive drinking could put your heart in danger.( For women once a day, and for women two times a day is ok) a daily moderate drinking may even have some benefits for the heart. But more of it can raise high levels of uncertainty, such as too much fats and high blood pressure: this is true expecially if you have several drinks at the same time, you need to stick to your drinks limit

This footage picture of food will be a good diet for your heart

Flesh vegetable fruits mixed with some proteins*: there is no reason for food to be blend and bored a vegetable diet sorts will help you stabilise your immune functioning system, deits like olive oil, oil nuts fruit, whole grains, fish, lean protein and wine. This will help keep your heart healthy and all this diet teste really good and you would love to stick to it

Measuring your weight

Fats belly is a really bad heartbit get your tape and measured out some size and get your body into shape. Loosing your weight is good for the heart.

Source :spiritual healings

By spiritualheali

Spiritual and meditation healing inspire by the power of the spirit of God, which he gives through the knowledge of divine intelligence spirit to help and guide us through our journey of life and difficulties, fellow us and allow the Holy spirit of God and his divine devices to work through your system, your body was created by God and he knows how to get it fixed..

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