The video of Angel sitting on the lap of Yousef as they were on the bed has generated many reactions on social media In the clip, the female housemate carried a plate of food in her hand and fed in while still in an intimate position with him While many said that may be the last highlight on the show, others said they would really love to see more of the duo together

As the BBNaija show is about to enter its third week, there seems not to be an end to the amazing content the show gives.

On Saturday, August 7, Angel and Yousef surprised the audience as they were caught in a position you would expect to see between couples in the house.

If it had been between her and Sammy, it may not have gotten much traction. In a short clip, Angel ‘pushed’ Yousef on the bed as he straddled him. With a plate of food in her hand, she spoon-fed Yousef in a lovely manner as if they were lovers on the show.

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