Current shine ya eye housemate, Pere, has issued stern warning to his fellow housemates as he calls for a round table meeting.

Following the verbal altercation between his Deputy HOH, Maria, and one of the new housemates, Queen, Pere called for a meeting, an attempt to put everyone in order especially after he tried to calm Maria and Queen down but they chose not to listen to him.

Pere started the meeting by first indicating that he doesn’t care what opinion they had of him before he was made the head of house but now that he is the head of house, they must show the status some respect.

“I don’t care the impression you have of me prior to me occupying the position of Head of House. The position comes with respect. 

Disrespect me as a person but the emblem on my neck signifies authority.

So, there will be no disrespect as long as I am head of house. We are not kids we are adults.”

He ended by asking; “Have I made myself clear?” and the housemates said yes.

He further changed the roster of duties for each housemate, removing WhiteMoney from the kitchen duties.

According to Pere, WhiteMoney cooking always will make him feel the housemates cannot do without him.

The rearranged duties were read out by his Deputy, Maria.

He closed the meeting by saying;

”That is all I just wanted to say. Goodnight”.

The way he addressed his fellow housemates stirred reactions online as viewers felt he spoke to them like school kids, likening his regime as the Head of House to that of the military.

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