Bishop David Oyedepo has given warning to women that are practice feminism.

The general overseer of Living Faith Church Worldwide popularly known as Winners Chapel said feminism is what lead to frustration and devastation.

the bible says submit yourself to your husband, and is not a modern preaching, we have become too smart, male and female there is no difference.”

Bishop Oyedepo said women of today are no longer following the rules and regulations of the bible again.

The popular Nigerian Pentecostal pastor said this in one of his sermon that speak about obedience.

Giving the meaning of feminism, he said the women of this modern age think and believed they are smarter than God, and God can lead them with their prefer life affairs.

If you tell them this is what God said, they will say to you come let me educate you and your God, you are not educated, are you?”

Bishop Oyedepo said ”this is feminine revolution world, the feminine frustration and destiny devastation.”

There is no book on the earth that can overtake the bible in this current world and upper life to come is the word of trust, peace and life the 66 year-old preacher said.

As far as this earth remains the truth about the scripture will continue for ever in full force, is either you choose to follow the truth or you go away.

”For we cannot do anything against the truth, no matter what civilisation is saying, we will only stand and do the truthfulness of God all the time.”

He added ” if feminine revolution is your mission, you not going to make attempt to marry, because is not going to work”

Meaning of feminism

According to Oxford dictionary, Feminism means campaigns of alias advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of equality of the sexes.

Which is to say man and woman are equal.

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