A Nigerian lady has impacted the lives of school kids in a beautiful manner. Osarugue Solomon, whose LinkedIn profile indicated that she is an educator, surprised a young schoolboy with a gift.

According to her, the lad revealed that he resides with his old grandmother who couldn’t afford nice sandals, forcing him to wear something a neighbour dumped in the bin.

The kindhearted lady also identified pupils who have the same footwear problems and replaced them with shoes.

she wrote :

“I believe Children can learn well if their primary basic needs are met.

“To me, I am just being a channel and hope for others to get inspired.

“According to a Wise saying, ‘It is not about how much you have, but your heart to add.

She believes kids have rights just like adults with education being one of them

The young lady believes that just as adults have their rights, so do children. Osarugue added that kids tend to fall into depression when their basic needs are not met.

“My motivation comes with the idea that every child should have their basic needs met ; Quality education, available education aids, e.t.c irrespective of their background and status

“Children get depressed too if their basic needs are not met ; Basic needs like good shoes, uniforms e.t.c

“We should no longer see the “ I had no shoes” concept but still turn out well as a study or reason why children should not get what they deserve, It’s their right children have rights too just like adults have.”

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