A Nigerian lady, Omolara Abiyeye, has said that she was forced into prostitution in Mali when she thought she would go to Malaysia Omolara stated that on getting to Mali, she saw that she would have to pay the person who bought her N1.5 million to gain freedom After initially refusing the profession, she had to succumb to pressure and torture as a way to survive

A young Nigerian lady, Omolara Abiyeye, has narrated her ordeal in seeking greener pastures abroad. She revealed that she and others transported to Mali were taken to a shrine where their private hair was shaved as they made a covenant.

In a video interview with BBC News Yoruba, she stated that despite the spiritual things she was forced to do, she still knew God is the alpha and omega of her life.

The Nigerian lady said there was no way of escape. Photo source: BBC News Yoruba Source

We were deceived The lady added when she was introduced to a boutique work where she would be paid N80k monthly abroad, she told the person that she does not have money to foot her travelling expenses.

Do you have a groundbreaking story you would like us to publish? ! The person told her she does not need to bother about it as the cost can be paid off monthly when she starts working.

She was told that since borders were closed, they would have to reach Malaysia through Togo.

The lady revealed that after she had spent several weeks transiting from one African country to another, she realised that they were only deceiving her to get them to where they wanted. I was forced into prostitution The lady stated that she met other Nigerians on the way.

I was forced into prostitution The lady stated that she met other Nigerians on the way.

She was told she was bought for N500,000 and would have to work and pay back N1.5m to gain her freedom. She spent two years then and had paid over N4m before help came to her. Watch the full video below:

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