× A Nigerian man has caused a stir on social media after he managed to escape buying a fake smartphone at Computer Village in Lagos In a video he shared, the man was shocked when the phone seller told him that iPhone 13 Pro Max was available at N110k and iPhone12 Pro Max for N85k Thanks to his instinct, the young man did a fast investigation on the spot and was able to stop the seller in his tracks from pulling a fast one on him.

A Nigerian man has shared how he escaped buying a fake iPhone. 

To his surprise, the phone vendor told him the iPhone 13 is available at N110k while the iPhone 12 is sold for N85k.

The young man knowing that the smartphones should cost more than grew suspicious.

He was saved by his intuition Despite being sweet-tongued by the cunning seller about the phone’s authenticity, the man did a quick on-the-spot investigation and confirmed his suspicion.

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