Annie Idibia has penned an emotional public apology to 2Baba as she celebrated her 37th birthday

The Nigerian actress and presenter stated that she would like to start the new chapter of her life on a clean state

Annie admitted that she let a lot of persons down and pleaded with 2Baba, her mother-in-laws, family members and manager to forgive her

Nigerian actress and model Annie Idibia has gone emotional as she marked her 37th birthday.

The 37-year-old admitted that she was wrong and did let may people down by her outburst weeks ago that caused stir on social media.

She apologized for throwing 2Baba out

Calling him by a pet name Inno, Annie apologized to 2Baba for putting him through mental stress and heartbreak stating that ” I still Bi Your Smallie oo.”

Annie said she was sorry for there the way she did and added that wasn’t how he married her.

“I Want to Apologize To My Husband , Inno .. I Am So Sorry I Threw You Out There Like I Did , (so unwise ) That Isn’t The Kind Of Woman You Married, Totally Sorry For all the Mental Stress And Heart Break It Caused You , So Sorry I Put Both Our Families Out There I, The Way I Did I still Bi Your Smallie oo*”

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