Relationship expert, Blessing okoro, has shared the advice she gave a lady who complained that her boyfriend doesn’t give her money.

According to the lady, in her almost three-year relationship, her man has never given her transport fare since she’s been visiting him.

She asked the relationship coach for suggestions on how to get her man to start taking responsibility, even if it’s as little as paying her transport when she visits him.

In response, Blessing Okoro told the lady that she couldn’t relate as she had never been in that situation. She told her that the problem is she’s dating a small boy, instead of a man.

Sharing screenshots of their chat, Blessing Okoro stated that she has never booked a flight by herself and doesn’t know how to because her man always books her flights, even when she isn’t travelling to meet him.

In her words,

“I don’t do Boys I do men… Never don buys sef, right from young days, I dsilike small small boys, them dey vex me, No offence Boys cant. They just stand my mental capacity, they make it hard for me”.

Read their chat below,

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