A female preacher has shared the alleged message she received from “Jesus” about people having sex outside the institution of marriage.

In a video making rounds online, the preacher claimed Jesus told her that he is tired of “being sexed” by people who have not been joined in holy matrimony.

Female Preacher claims

According to her, Jesus is always present when people engage in premarital sex because their body is his temple so they are pushing him into committing sin.

She added that Jesus told her to tell people to stop “sexing him” because he is tired.

Watch her speak below,

The video has stirred mixed reactions on social media as netizens fault the woman’s statement.

@nurse_efenyi wrote, “Normally Jesus suppose land you hot slap”

@adebimpe_samafaajinternational wrote, “OMG! How did we get here? Mummy…Jesus didn’t tell u this, abeg say something else.”

@anjolaoluwa_favour wrote, “So Jesus Christ told mummy that you guys should stop sexin^g him just when I thought I had seen it all”

@steba.th wrote, “Leave my Jesus out of this nonsense! Wth”

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