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The special thing is that Muskmetaverse is building a new NFT Protocol and introducing Metaverse Crypto NFTs as a new feature. Users can buy, sell , trade NFT items and gain more profit via combatingā€œ Play to earnā€ games. Issue, trade NFTs and participate in auctions, marketplace


Go To Link: https://t.me/METAMUSK_ROUND_5_AIRDROP_BOT?start=r07299576114

 Airdrop : 2 trillion METAMUSK ($1,000,000)
Value: 30 million METAMUSK
 Referral : 80 million METAMUSK
End date: 20 Dec 2021
Distribution: Immediately (Within 72 hours)

ā€“ Finish all the steps of  @METAMUSK_ROUND_5_AIRDROP_BOT to get the rewards.
ā€“ Maybe you need to wait until 72 hours to receive the airdrop token.

Here is my Screenshot

How to add METAMUSK token to your Trust Wollet Account? :

Paste this contract address to add METAMUSK token to your Trust Wollet :0x734c5F3f8F6ad9697b26eCC6388678aaFd3dB3B2

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