A Twitter user, identified as Daniel Regha, has criticized popular singer, Davido, for buying a Lamborghini Aventador.

The singer had taken to social media to announce his latest luxury purchase and share photos of the expensive car, which comes weeks after he took delivery of a Rolls Royce.

According to him, Christmas came early for him, adding that this is the last car he would buy for now.

He wrote on Twitter, “Copped da Aventedor feels good”.

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Reacting to this, Daniel Regha constructively criticized the singer and advised him to save and invest his money, instead of squandering it on luxurious cars.

He wrote, “Luxury cars are dope but having more than two luxurious cars is considered materlist!c & a m!suse of one’s wealth cos in the end it’s all van!ty; The luxurious car u obsess over today will be outdated in the near future so be self-contended, invest & save for a rainy day instead.”

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