She was freed because she was said to be useless having taken out her womb before then.

She’s tra * matized and is still not certain about what reality is right now. Lagos is very unsafe. I’d love for a counselor to have a word with her.

She is confused about reality and sometimes feels like she is trapped in the bus she was taken in, even now that she is at home.

She’s 55 and agrees with me that she needs therapy. She came out of a bank in Ogba, got on a bus. Not long after, the bus driver said his car had a fault.

“Luckily his friend (a fellow bus driver) came to his aid to take his passengers. Note: The vehicle had a soldier sitting in front which would usually reduce suspicion.

I think something was sprayed or came out of the AC (She’s not clear on that) But she woke up in Ota.

After she was rejected because of her prior fibroid operation, she was blindfolded and led to some road where they left her. She confirmed a certain NYSC dude was taken with her.

By Sydney

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