Sometime last year, this little girl of 11 years (Victoria) was allegedly impregnated by her aunt’s husband in Makurdi and she was sent home to fend for herself and her unborn child

She comes from a humble background and can barely feed herself or attend any antenatal services.

She hasn’t been able to visit any clinic since all these started (except when it was initially detected in Makurdi). From the look of things, will she be due any time soon? There is just no way this girl can have a normal delivery since her features aren’t fully developed to go through that stress.

She is from Orokam, Ogbadibo local government of Benue state. Thave resolved not to tow the path of the law, since they had gone through that route and it does not look like the police and the relevant agencies are willing to cooperate with her parents, and I currently do not have the luxury of time to be whipping the law around

How do we support this little girl to have a safe delivery, rehabilitation and subsequently return to school?

By Sydney

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