A Nigerian lady, Ahuozia, has blessed a roasted plantain seller more than she ever imagined as the woman got N500,000 The half a million naira contributed by her followers came days after she pranked the woman by telling her boli is not sweet Many people who reacted to the video praised the lady’s generosity in using her platform to bless others

A Nigerian roasted plantain seller has been more blessed days after she was surprised by a lady called Ahuozia on Instagram. Recall that the lady pretended that the woman’s boli was tasteless before coming back to give her wads of N500 notes. When the woman collected the money then, she broke down in tears.

The trader cried again In a video update, Ahuozia visited the woman again and made her even more emotional. She told her that her Instagram followers contributed the sum of N500,000 for her

When the woman heard it, she again broke down on the floor. She kept crying when she was handed the bunch of naira notes.

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