People have engaged the power of social media in recent times not only to seek justice but to get support for those who need it.

There are various instances where the power of the social media community has helped a lot after they were first given visibility.

1. SS 2 student who repairs trucks In 2020, the story of a young secondary school student, Popoola Esther, gained popularity on social media after a lady posted her video online.

Filmed in her work clothes, the girl spoke about how she combined schooling with being an apprentice.

When the minister of youth and development heard her story, they promised her a scholarship.

2. Boy hawking plantain A young Nigerian student, Ogwo Austine, who noticed that a kid was always working on his assignment in front of an uncompleted building decided to share his story.

While sharing his video on social media, he told people that the boy demonstrated a passion for education through his commitment.

After the hawker’s story went viral, many people showed interest in giving him a scholarship.

3. Generator repairer When Everest Ebuka Uzodike’s generator got faulty, he sought a recommendation on who could fix the issue for him. A boy who was brought to him fixed the issue like a pro in a few minutes. The man was surprised that he rewarded the boy with extra money. Ebuka has since bought a phone for the kid when people said they would like to talk to him and see how they could help.

Helping now costs a little With social media, helping people has become a lot easier. A viral post on a person’s good deeds could change their fortune. Have someone you think needs help? Write about them on your account.

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