The stories of couples who have been married for years have shown that meeting a great person is not limited to a specific place.

A young Nigerian man used his comic social interaction skill to win a heart. He revealed that he got a lady’s number after he had made her laugh in a keke.

A white woman married to a Nigerian narrated how they met in a club 14 years ago in Zurich when the man asked for her number.

Then, she told him that if they were meant to be together, they would see again. Fate smiled at them and their paths crossed. Not only are they presently married, the lovers now have three wonderful kids in their home. “We met in secondary school Days before their marriage, a Nigerian man shared a throwback and recent photo to tell his love story.

The throwback photo shows them together in their uniforms, revealing that they met while in secondary school. Their modern-day photo has them all grown up as they wore stylish native attires. People praised their love.

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