A Nigerian MC, Bonus Emmanuel Chigozie, has been accused of b#ating his pregnant wife, Itunu Lawal Emmanuel, to d#ath.

The unfortunate incident occurred at their residence in Okota area of Lagos State.

According to a source, “They got married about four years ago. Emmanuel started ab#sing his wife after they had their first child. She suddenly became disg#sting to him and he always looked for every reason to be vi#lent.

He started cheating on her and the lady he was cheating on her with, thr#atened her several times to leave the marriage.

He continued ab#sing Itunu physically and the ab#se increased each time she asked for the N2.7million she loaned him.

When she got pregnant with their second child, he ab#sed her until the baby dled inside of her. She was rushed to the hospital and we lost both Itunu and the baby yesterday, Thursday, March 10, 2022.

The husband was nowhere to be found when she was hospitalized But he came immediately he was contacted that his wife is d#ad.

She had been telling me since December that she’s scared she might have complications as her husband had att#cked and b#aten her too much during the pregnancy. She had struggled too much trying to push a still birth.”

By Sydney

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