A lady, Oluwatoyin Joshua, 26, has been arrested for allegedly kIlling her ex-boyfriend over N3,000 in the Shangisa area of Lagos state. According to the spokesperson of the Lagos state police

command, CP Adekunle Ajisebutu, the money in dispute was given to them by a “Good Samaritan.” He noted that the suspect who claimed to have regretted her action said that she kIlled her former boyfriend in self-defence.

“I am Oluwatoyin Joshua, I am 26 years old. On the day of the incident, I went to see Olayinka Adebayo who was my ex-boyfriend at the place, where he was selling hard dr#gs. When one of his friends, Olalekan, an internet fra#dtser
came and gave me N3,000. He was about travelling when he gave me the money. The guy (Olalekan asked me to take N1,000 and give my ex-boyfriend N2,000.

After Olalekan gave me the money he left, I went to meet my ex-boyfriend and told him that his friend said I should give him N2,000, he said it was a lie that he owns the whole money. I told him he cannot collect the whole money
from me and I dropped his own N,2000 on the
table. Thereafter, my ex-boyfriend picked the money, threw it back at me and he then called the guy that gave us the money.”

Before I knew what was happening, my ex-boyfriend started be@ting me. I went to report him to an elderly person in the area who warned him and I was advised to leave where he was staying and he was dr@gged away. After he was dr@gged away from my side, he came back to continue to be@t me, it was in the process I went
into the kitchen to pick up a knife to scare him.

While I was running away from him he hit me at the back of my head with a broken tile. I then st@bbed him in the neck and he was rushed to the hospital where he later d!ed two
hours later. I was the one who paid his hospital bill” the suspect said.

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