The Kogi State government has ordered the arrest and prosecution of a woman, Elizabeth Abu, for allegedly b#ring her step-son with hot electric iron.

It is reported that Elizabeth Abu used the hot iron on stepson David Mathew Ewongolu for using part of her cloth to make a duster. The Kogi State Commissioner for Women Affairs and Social Development Hajia Fatima Kabir Buba said after a thorough interrogation by her ministry,
the suspect confessed to the crime, saying “she did not intend to inflict such pa!n on the boy”.

She added that the boy is currently receiving treatment at the Kogi State Specialist Hospital Lokoja. Buba said: “The Ministry of Women Affairs will continue to collaborate with
the Nigeria Police, alongside its legal team, to get justice for the ab#sed victim. This is pure w!ckedness. How can a woman b#rn her fellow human being with hot electric iron?

Even though the boy is not her biological son, that does not give her that right to display such wlckedness on the boy. We will follow this case to a logical conclusion and ensure we will get justice for young David Mathew Ewongolu in the court of law. The law of the land must take
its course”

By Sydney

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